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Arline and Sidney Sachs


The other comments are right. However, the two Greengards tested may only
be different on two Y-DNA markers. DYS 464 has 4 or more copies and are
listed in order of size. One mutation on one copy could change multiple
markers values. This happened in my subclade, J2b2e, when 464b, 464c and
464d was changed by a single mutation. DYS 464 and CDY are two of the
fastest mutating markers, so the STRs values you have does not rule out
your relationship with the other Greengard.

Sidney Sachs
Lorton, VA

From: Alison Greengard <aligreengard@...>
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2012 19:57:01 +0000 (UTC

I am new to DNA anlysis and am hoping someone can solve a puzzle in my
husband's FTDNA results. My husband's last name is GREENGARD. Over the
years we have collected numerous Greengard trees (that all point to an
origin of Virbalis, Lithuania and also point to them being one family) but
have had a hard time connecting the trees. Several of the Greengard
descendants can go back to their 3rd
gr-grandfather , but with my husband Tom we can only go back to his
gr-grandfather. We've made some progress, but decided to have two male
Greengard surname descendants test their Y-DNA-37 markers at FTDNA. One
is my husband Tom and the other is another Greengard.

The results are as follows:

The other Greengard descendant shows up as a potential 2nd to 4th cousin
of Tom in Family Finder. In the actual 37 marker charts, Tom and this
other Greengard differ on DYS464c, DYS464d and DYS CDYb. This makes sense
to me.

However, another individual with a completely different surname
shows up as an exact Y-DNA37 marker match. But he and Tom do not show
up as related in Family Finder. This individual can trace his lineage via
his different surname back to the 1750's. Interestingly, this individual
traces his lineage also back to Virbalis, and his ancestors stayed with
Greengards in NY when they first come to the US.

Can anyone explain why someone with a different surname, has an exact
Y-DNA 37 marker match with my husband, can trace his lineage via that
other surname back to the 1750's, yet doesn't show up in Family
Finder? Clearly there is some tie to the Greengards since his
ancestors stayed with Greengards in NY upon emigrating.

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