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This may not quite belong to the Austria-Czech discussion group, but I hope
the powers that be will let it go through. As many people know, the family
of Theodor Herzl came >from Semlin (Zemun). This town is now a suburb of
Belgrade but in the past it was on the southern border of the empire. During
the 18th and part of the 19th century it was in the so-called military
frontier and I heard that Jews were not allowed to reside there. However I
have now received a stack of genealogical documents on the Herzl family and
these confirm that Jews were living in Semlin as "Holder of a privilege"
(Privilegiumstraeger). These privileges were issued by the empress Maria
Theresia in 1753 and one of the Holders of Privilege was Awigdor
Herzl-Hacohen, Theodor Herzls Gr-gr-gr-grandfather. Does anyone know what
this kind of privilege would contain?

Henry Wellisch

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