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Avraham Steiner <avi6@...>

Dear researchers.
It has been awhile since I described my family research interests to the
SIG, so I am responding to the request for re-introductions .

Since 1990 I have been researching the history of the Jews of Kojetin.

At first my research was of a personal family genealogical nature. My
great grandfather Zigmund STEINER (1821 - 1908), was born in Kojetin, but
moved to Bratislava where he founded an antiquarian book store, which became
very well known, and indeed is still being conducted today by my aunt.

You can read about our family in these links : ( English) (German)

While working on my specific private genealogical research,
I became more and more interested in the wider history of Kojetin's Jews
as a whole. I have thus managed to collect a variety of documents and
photos about Kojetin , including the photos of Judaica Objects which
originated in Kojetin and are now held in the Prague Jewish Museum.
THe story of Kojetin can be found at :

If you have any information about Kojetin Jews Please send it to me.

Avraham Steiner

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