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Hi Fellow Siggers,

Last week I finally had the chance to visit Mlada Boleslav (formerly Jung
Bunzlau) the home of the Podwinecz family as far as is known.

The archivist there is very kind and I will be going back next week to see
the local census >from 1910 and other records she needed some days to obtain.

She showed me a geography of Bohemia which listed the towns and showed the
names of the lords. The Freiherren von Waldstein owned 20 towns in the area
one of which is called Podwinecz but which I cannot find on any map. I am
fascinated by the connection but have no idea if there were Jewish people
living in that village.

I also visited the cemetery in Jung Bunzlau, which is guarded by a very kind
man and his wife. I think he is a school teacher.

They have a photocopied print of the guide to the cemetery done in 1891 by
Herman Pollak, called Plan fur die am Ende des Jahres 5651 auf dem
israelitischen Friedhofe zu Jungbunzlau.
The lisitings give a name, foowed usually by a comma and another name, then
a comma and the year, then the row and column number indicating the place of

Many of the older stones are broken and indecipherable >from wear, much less
being in Hebrew, which I cannot read.

I am also bewildered by some names and hope someone can shed light on the
Berocho, Susskind, Jentel, Gedaliah, Feisch Ber, Chajele, Lejb, Liebe,
Liebele, Bogelli, Abdon, Fradl, Iechel, Uwizdor, Brodl.

I also do not understand what a third name in the oisting means, but suppose
it is the maiden name of a wife.

I hope someone will be able to help.


Peter Bakos
Budapest, at least for now

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