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David Glasner <daviditi@...>

I look for any info about ORNSTEIN family in Trebic, Moravia. Cz.

My family, Glasner, originaly >from Trebic, married to Ornstein.
My great grandfather Herman Glasner (1845 - 1922) Married Paula Ornstein
(1845 - 1930)
Father of Paula Yaakov David Ornstein (!813 - 1903)
His Father Yehuda Ornstein (1789-1828)

I also found in "Yad Vashem" archive the names of Teresa Spira nee Ornstein
(1882-1942) born in Trebitc to Philip and Anna (Netti).
Teresa was Married to Gustav Spira son of Wilhelm and Josefina
Teresa and Gustav Were killed in Auschwitz camp in 1942.

If you have any more info about anyone of this/our family, please mail me.

David Glasner

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