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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

David Glasner of Kfar Ruppin, Israel is looking for
any information on the ORNSTEIN family >from Trebic/
Trebitsch, Moravia. Thus, his Trebic gt-grandfather
Herman GLASNER {1845 - 1922} married Paula ORNSTEIN
{1845 - 1930}. Her father was Yaakov David ORNSTEIN
{1813 - 1903}, and in turn his father was Yehuda
ORNSTEIN {1789-1828}.

I note with interest that Randy Schoenberg has Jude
Leb ORNSTEIN on his tree b. 1773 d. 5 Apr 1824 in
Trebitsch. He was married to Sarah JERUS b. 1774
d. 9 Feb 1852, Trebitsch, Age: 78

Peter Lowe [I have his permission to quote], who is
researching JERUSALEM >from Bohemia, sent me a
link to his website, which includes Yehuda ORNSTEIN &
wife Sara JERUSALEM [nb Randy has the name JERUS] -
married 25 Jan 1792. It can be seen on:
The link to Yehuda Loeb is here:

So although Randy and Peter's Yehuda Loeb ORNSTEIN
appears to be the same, he is 16 years older than
David's gtgtgt-grandfather, Yehuda.

Peter asked me if I can add anything. I do have an
ORNSTEIN [a side-branch of a side-branch] family on my
tree but they came >from Budin in Bohemia. I can add
little to details of the ORNSTEIN family from
Trebic/Trebitsch, Moravia >from my own tree, but have
the following information which could be of interest
to our SIG and hopefully may provide more links:

A: My knowledge of Czech has only been gleaned in the
last four years >from this type of research but I
gather [I hope correctly] that Leopold ORNSTEIN was a
leading bicycle-maker in Trebic. You might enjoy this
photo of a couple riding an ORNSTEIN tandem in 1898,
perhaps in Trebic itself:

I wonder if this is the same Leopold ORNSTEIN who
starts part of the tree that Peter Lowe sent to me,
which is not yet linked to his website, but comes from
a well-known internet genealogical site:

Leopold Hermann ORNSTEIN b. 02 Feb 1844 in Trebic
d.05 Feb 1902 [or 1905 >from alternative data]
m. 18 June 1869 to Josefine PICK (Pepi).

They had 12 children all born in Trebic. I cannot
resist the thought that 7 tandems would be need for a
family excursion, except sadly, a few of the children
died very young.

1. Sidonie 18 Sep 1870
2. Rosa 29 May 1872 m. 15 Aug 1895 to Josef LEDERER
3. Wilhelm 18 Apr 1873 - 08 Aug 1881
4. Ludwig 11 Sep 1874 - 25 Apr 1908
5. Karl 10 Mar 1876
6. Alfred 07 May 1879 married to Erna nee LOWY - page
of testimony >from his son Leo ORSTEN, {L.A. 1976} also
to his mother Erna. She was born in Znojmo [Znaim] on
2.10.1893 daughter of Wilemina HELLMANN and Leopold
7. Ida 26 Nov 1879
8. Siegfried 06 Dec 1881 - 07 Jul 1882
9. Robert 01 Mar 1883 - 12 Mar 1901
10. Otto 17 May 1884 - 17 May 1886
11. Rachel 12 Aug 1886 Holocaust m. 02 Jun 1910
to Karel [Carl] RANZENHOFER - also a victim [from

You will find a touching testimony >from Elisabeth
Ranzenhofer, the 16 year old gt-granddaughter of
Rachel, in "Letter to Stars", in which she say that
Rachel was one of 16 [not 12] siblings. Carl was a
textile manufacturer in Hollabrunn. His son Erwin,
also died in Izbica, but his brother Walter
[grandfather of Elizabeth] survived in England - he
was encouraged to flee by his mother, Rachel. Many
RANZENHOFER are buried in the cemetery at Hollabrunn:

12. Berthold 03 Sep 1888 - 25 Oct 1895

and perhaps four more siblings 13-16 inc, as yet

There are also multiple interconnections between the
families ORNSTEIN and SUBAK >from Vienna. Some now live
in Brazil and the USA. SUBAK was a prominent family
from Trebic, where there is even a Subak Street. If
you need a contact with these families, I will be
happy to supply it.

C: >from our Austria-Czech message archives: Mon, 24
Sep 2001: Introducing the Ancestors of Arthur SPIRA.
Son: Gustav SPIRA. (ca 1890 in Trebic-?); lived in
Budweis, railway official; m. Theresa ORENSTEIN. There
are many links to the family, throughout the world.

D: Vienna/Trebic ORNSTEIN
I have also found and Alfred ORNSTEIN >from Vienna born
on 18.04.1884 in Trebic/Trebitsch deported from
He is probably the Prokurist >from the
Leichtensteinstr. 121. On Yad Vashem we can find him
as married to Anna ADLER, with a daughter, Herta
BLAINE giving testimony >from N. Plainfield, NJ in
1979. Surprisingly, she did not know the name of her
grandparents, denoted with a question mark.

We can also find Ernest ORNSTEIN who was born in
Trebic in 1883, who was a holocaust victim. He was
deported >from France.

There are 62 ORNSTEIN holocaust victims >from Austria.
We remember them all here today. ORNSTEIN was a very
common name in Vienna of the 1930s with over 50
families bearing that name. I suspect some are
descendants of the Trebic ORNSTEIN family. That would
have to be investigated in the archives.

E: Our own Sigger, Jean Lowenstamm's family were
stonemasons in Trebic for generations and he may have
more data re ORNSTEIN graves in Trebic:

Celia Male [U.K.]

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