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Hi All,

I am trying to located descendents of Zusman (Sigmond) HAAS B. 1841 and his
wife Leah (Roza) Schwarcz B. 1847 >from Sarospatak, Hungary. They got married
on Dec. 11, 1866. Some or all family members immigrated to the USA. They had
7 children that I know of.

Tini Haas b. 1867 married to Herman FELDMESSNER
Terezia (Rezi) Haas b. 1870 married to Solomon GRUN
Aser Haas 1847 - 1877
Marton Haas b. 1876
Betti Haas 1880 - 1954 married Zvi Herman Hersch SCHWEIGER
Szali Haas b. 1882
Pepi Haas b. 1884

Thank You

Henry Schwartz

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