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Hi list members,
I believe I have asked this question before but don't think I ever got
an answer that really helped me. So I am going to ask it again.

In Volume I I of the Bohemian Jewish Census of 1793 for Kourimsky Kraj
(p.118) I find under the village Potschernitz (Horni Pocernice) the
entry Jachim KRAUS (1) and his wife and 4 unmarried sons. The 1
following his name in brackets meaning this was the only Jewish family
living in this community in 1793.

My gggrandmother Elisabeth (Bele) LANG nee KRAUS was, I found in several
documents, >from this village and was born in 1802. So she couldn't have
been mentioned in this census. >from her death entry on two separate
cemetery documents I got the information that her father was one time
called Meir and the next time Moshe.

Here my question: How certain can I be, that this Jachim KRAUS mentioned
in the census actually was Elisabeth's father (an thus my ggggrandfather)
even though his first name differs a lot >from the cemetery lists?

Thank you very much for your suggestions
Peter Zimmer
Muenster, Germany

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