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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I have been doing a bit more on the PLACZEK family and
will continue with that and other research when I
return >from Vienna.

One of the most interesting findings was that Baruch
PLACZEK, the Chief Rabbi of Moravia, amateur
ornithologist and close friend of Gregor Mendel, who
we also know corresponded with Darwin - was the uncle,
believe it or not, of Leo BAECK.

Leo BAECK, was a Moravian, not a German as most people
imagine. Baruch's sister, Eva married Samuel BAECK and
they had four daughters [all murdered in the
holocaust] and the famous Leo [23 May 1873, Lissa,
Poland - Nov 2 1956, London, England].

There were Jewish PLACZEK in a few places in Moravia
- [I believe there were non-Jewish ones as well in
Silesia, Germany and Moravia too].

I have found Seligmann and Salomon PLACZEK/PLATSCHEK
in Damborice in the 1827 Jewish census. This chapter
[in Czech] >from Hugo Gold's "Jews and Jewish
Communities of Moravia" has been scanned by the Jewish
Museum, Prague:
It contains many names. Damborice is about 23km NNE of
Kostel/Podivin see:

The census should be of interest to our Moravians who
are always hungry for hard facts.

I have checked the message archives and have found
Rudy Matzner, Charlie Roberts, and Richard Pollenz all
looking for their families >from Damborice. Yes, they
are all there in 1827 census: MATZNER, HUBER [for
Charlie] and lots of POLLENZ too.

If they have not seen this chapter, it should be a
valuable source of information.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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