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Hello fellow SIGers;

Having had experience in searching records on the IGI and using LDS
facilities since 1973, let me indicate that there is an explanation: The
"sealing" or "baptism" took place because a descendant or relative of these
people found them and went through the process. Any person who has spent
time in an LDS Library is aware that some volunteers >from that church
regularly extract records and enter the information into the data base, and
that church members are obliged to track their ancestors and collaterals and
bring them "into the faith" retroactively. I understand that the Israeli
government has obtained >from the LDS church a promise that the entry of
names >from Jewish registers and their blanket "baptism" was not to take
place. But I do not know if this prohibition includes direct descendants or
near relatives who are now members of the LDS church. Perhaps someone else
knows this better.

An annoying aspect of using the data bases of the LDS church is that some
persons somehow believe that the entry "Mrs. George Washington" accompanied
by estimated dates is somehow valid or useful. And that researchers would
actually find such information to be useful.

Having said all of the above, and understanding the hurt this causes to
religous Jews, it is still important to understand that the work of the LDS
church in finding and microfilming genealogical data has helped many Jews to
document the existence of their own families.

Peter Bakos

from Mlada Boleslaw/Jung Bunzlau

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