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Doug Mason

I recently posed the question about any relationship between my uncle's
formal name of Alexander and the name of "Schando", by which he was known
within the family.

Many thanks to all who responded and showed me this was not uncommon, with
variants such as Schandi being provided.

Most advised me "szandor" is the Hungarian form of Alexander. My forebears
came >from Moravia (Boskowitz and Jihlava), not Hungary. However, some told
me Hungarian-speaking Jews in Moravia used the name.

One respondent advised me: The authoritative dictionary for Austrian
usage, the "Oesterreichisches W├Ârterbuch", 38th edition, 1997, has the
following entry on page 694: Xandl (maennlicher Vorname): Alexander.

Thank you to the Jewishgen "family" for taking the time to help me. It has
helped clear a question that dogged me for over 60 years.

I will chat about this with my Mum next time we speak. She was born in
Vienna in March 1911.

Doug Mason

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