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I was amused at Fritz Neubauer's apt comment that
"Xandl" was Viennese dialect for Alexander: Could she
possibly said "Xandl" (pronounced something like
"k-sandal" which may sound like "sh ..." at the
beginning for English ears, and the Viennese "l" at
the end can also sound more like an English o-sound.
The authoritative dictionary for Austrian usage, the
"Oesterreichisches Worterbuch", 38th edition, 1997,
has the following entry on page 694: Xandl
(maennlicher Vorname):

Researching a completely different topic, I have just
found this
re ISSERLEIN (ISSERLIN), Israel ben Pethahiah

NB long URL - cut and paste in its entirety into your

or try this: which does work
on the second step!

We rarely write about the genealogy of medieval Jews
in Austria - so here goes: Isserlein was the foremost
Talmudic authority of Germany in the first half of the
fifteenth century; born ca 1490-1500 probably at
Ratisbon; died at Neustadt, nr Vienna, 1460. He
belonged to an established family of scholars: his
paternal gt-grandfather was Israel of Krems, author of
the "Haggahot Asheri"; and his maternal uncle was the
martyr Aaron Blumlein....

If you read the last sentence it says: Isserlein is a
pet name for Israel. How delightful that this foremost
scholar has a petname - probably given to him as a
toddler in Krems by his loving parents - by which he
is still known today.
Unfortunately, I have not yet found the location of
ISSERLEIN's grave in 1460 - I presume it was in Wiener
Neustadt where medieval Jewish graves have been

Prof. Esterson will no doubt tell us if this "pet name
theory" is incorrect; Fritz Neubauer will let us know
how ISSERLEIN was pronounced in 1400s Krems and Vienna
and I am sure Traude Triebel will be out with her
camera in Wiener Neustadt looking for his medieval

Hurrah for our SIG and all the expertise we have,

Celia Male [U.K.]


You can also read about Isserlein's sojourn in
Slovenia here:

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