Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Research on IGI Listings for Trebic: preliminary findings and a proposal #austria-czech

Elaine and Art <elars@...>

As compared to the experience of Henry Waellisch in looking up the
family name DEUTSCH in the IGI, in which he found no entries >from
Trebic, I can contrast my own research.

I have taken the names of those ancestors or their spouses who are in my
SPIRA family file and were born in Trebic (Trebitsch), and looked up
their family names in the IGI. Of the 21 Trebic families in my ancestry
I found 19 families listed in the index.
The total number of individuals listed is 210! (see group listings
below). I have not counted births, marriages or deaths of the same
indiviudals as separate entries. Nor have I separately counted
individuals with duplicate listings. Most names cover a 50-60 year
period in the 1810-1870s I also noticed that a small number of entries
had dates of death recorded in the index, a few even extending into the
early 1940s.

My list breaks down as follows:

BAECK- 15 individuals (births recorded >from 1809-1857);
DURRHEIM-4 (1835-1896) FUERST- 24 (1823-1926);GLASNER- 7( 1868-1885);
GOTTLEIN-6 (1818-1824) GRUENBERGER-6 (1804-1839);KOHNSTEIN- 15 (1815-1862);
KURREIN- 2 (1833, 1840) LEDERER- 6 (1841-1879);ORNSTEIN- 18 (1795-1889);
POLNAUER- 23 (1800-1906) RANZENHOFER-2 (1879); RUBIN- 3 (1876-1891);
SCHNUERMACHER- 9 (1813-1858) SPIRA- 12 (1800-1854); SUBAK- 24 (1816-1857);
TICHA-6 (1853-1867) WALLIS- 7 (1817-1825);WERTHEIMER- 21 (1789-1857)

These results raise the question of what proportion of the rest of the
Trebic Jewish community was similarly submitted. If my experience with
a relatively few number of families is an indication, it must have been
sizeable, perhaps reaching into the low thousands.

I would like to propose that other members of the Austria-Czech SIG,
whose ancestry includes relatives >from Trebic, carry out a similar study
of the data for their families in the IGI listing
( Watch for duplicate and multiple entries for
the same individuals. Even a large family can be researched in a matter
of minutes. If mailed to me I will collate the results and post the
data to the group. Please group the results by family name and numbers
of individuals in each family, and give a range of dates for each
family. Of course, individuals who wish to see the results of their
own distinct research reach the group at large should still send them to
Austria-Czech, but I would appreciate receiving a copy of your findings
as well.

It will then be of interest to compare the cumulative numbers in the IGI
listing to the population figures available for the town during
comparable time periods. The results may be an indicator of the extent
of LDS "collection" and posthumous conversion activity in this one
Moravian town.

Arthur Spira
British Columbia, Canada

Researching: SPIRA of Trebic; WERTHEIMER of Trebic;
ORNSTEIN of Trebic; DUERRHEIM of Trebic;
MAX of Safov (Schaffa)

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