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Again I should clarify: We have to thank the census-takers in 1793
for these cross-references, not the modern transcribers. The modern
transcribers just picked upon and indexed place names when they were
mentioned by the 1793 transcribers.

Hence Abraham STERN was mentioned as living in Trebon by the pernickety
1793 transcriber >from Stadt Neuhaus, Tabor Kreis, but the transcriber
in Trebon, Budweiser Kreis omitted to mention that his family lived
in the Tabor Kreis.

The modern transcribers, did not undertake genealogical cross-referencing.
That would be too speculative and they have left it to us. Now here
is a good example where census-takers in two separate locations noted
the present and previous abode of their enummerated person and he can
therefore be tracked on relatively easily by cross-references in the index.

Joachim FRANKENSTEIN - single and the auditor at the tobacco concession
in Stadt Prachatitz/Prachatice - Prachiner Kreis. It mentions here that
he is resident at Furst Lobkowitz in the *Tabor Kreis*. No place is
indicated see: Vol III Prachiner Kreis p 105. Joachim is therefore
indexed here under name only.

Now go to Vol III *Tabor* Kreis and look for Joachim FRANKENSTEIN. You
will *not* find him listed by name. This is because only the family heads
are indexed, *not* other family members. Luckily for us, others including
teacher, doctors, maids, apprentices etc are listed separately. I find
this system rather bizarre. Perhaps it was to stop the index being too

There are four FRANKENSTEIN family heads in the Tabor Kreis: Simon,
Moises, Abraham and Markus.

You can look through them - and you will find Joachim on p 403. He is
listed as the first-born son of Simon who lives in Zeltsch {Plan/Plana
nad Luznici}: Joachim "single in Prachatitz" - and if you look in the
Tabor Kreis index for *Prachatitz* - you will find him - as the place
name *Prachatitz* is listed but *not* his name!

So now more by luck than anything else we know that Plan belongs to
the estates of Count Lobkowitz. This was only discovered by chance
on p 105 as Count Lobkowitz is not indexed either.

And here is a strange coincidence: go back to p. 105 and look up Joachim,
the tobacco auditor at his place of work. You will find that he works
for Abraham STERN of Prachatitz. Yes, he is another Abraham STERN who
is also a tobacco concessioner and another fascinating link develops -
see part II. This Abraham STERN is listed as coming >from Herrschaft
Krummau, Bechiner Kreis - a Kreis which no longer existed as a separate
entity in the 1793 period - see: for Bohemian Kreis maps through the

More about our doppelganger Abraham STERN >from Krummau in part II.

Using the indices and the annotated notes in the 1793 census is an art
in itself.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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