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Earlier in the week we discussed the forbear of Susie Boyer and Tom
Fuerth - the wealthy Abraham STERN of Trebon and Neuhaus. So who was
our doppelganger, Abraham STERN of Krummau? It helps to understand
German to read the original annotations in the census. There are also
footnotes in Czech which Hanus Grab and Jan Hellmann help me with
from time to time.
At Abraham's place of work in Prachatitz it states that he was the
unmarried, first-born son and was substituting for the resident tobacco
concessionaire, in place of his mother Rosl NEUMANN of Chlumetschek.
Abraham is stated as being a resident of Herrschaft Krummau, Bechiner
Kreis, Bohemia [Vol III p.105].

If we look at this website:
we can see that by 1793 the Bechiner Kreis had ceased to exist. It
was split into the Budweiser and the Tabor Kreis. People were obviously
not that familiar with the new Kreis designations in 1793 and they
still slipped back to the old Kreis names.

Be that as it may, we can find Herrschaft Krummau {Cesky Krumlov}
in the Budweiser Kreis and Gut Chlumetschek is part of it. Here we
find Samuel NEUMANN who has leased a large building and runs a potash
distillery. His wife is called Rosel, originally STERN, and they have
living with them the children >from her first marriage: Samuel STERN
as first-born, Abraham as second born, then we have Salomon and Lazarus
followed by daughters Eleanora and Elisabet. [Vol 1 p. 242]

Samuel NEUMANN actually comes >from Jung Wozitzs {Mlada Vozice], Tabor
Kreis, but I have found no other Neumann living there.

So Abraham appears as a first-born at his place of work whereas at
home he is listed as a second-born. I doubt his mother would have made
such a mistake.

Stadt Krummau itself, has only one Jewish family headed by Lewy
ROSTERHOLZER and you will by now have have guessed it, he holds the
district tobacco concession. He goes under the names Lobl ROSTERHOLZ
and Lowy RUSTERHOLTZER in the Prachiner Kreis index.

We have tapped into a vein of very wealthy Bohemian Jews here, who
seem to dominate the tobacco market.

re the number of indices one has to "thumb through" for a thorough
Screen of the 1793 census of Bohemia - I did mention 16 but actually
there are 32 so far and Prague is still to come! This is because each
Kreis has a name index as well as a place index.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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