Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech RE: travel to Slovakia/Czech Republic/Austria #austria-czech

Edna Berkovits

Hi Siggers,
I am plannig a family trip to Uhersky Ostroh,CZ, Opava,CZ and Vienna,AT in
June, with my husband, parents and sister.

We intend to drive a loop starting in Budapest, through the Tatras in
Slovakia, to the Czech Republic - Uh. O and Opava, then to Vienna and back
to Budapest.
I would appreciate any recommendations regarding hotels, what to see of
Jewish interest or tourist-wise, what to avoid, especially for Slovakia,
where none of us speak the language.

Please reply privately.
Thank you.
Edna Berkovits
researching: GRUNSPAN-Uhersky Ostroh,CZ & Praha & Wien

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