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In yesterday's posting I commented on the three SPIRO who were on the
Cesky Krumlov synagogue building committee: Emanuel, Ludwig and Julius

The SPIRO family was most influential in the community and industry of
Cesky Krumlov. Prof Dr L. HIRSCH tells us that the first leader of the
Jewish Community was the paper manufacturer, Ignaz SPIRO, born 21 July 1817
in Kalenitz - died 24 October 1894 in Cesky Krumlov. Ignaz studied at
the Yeshiva at Kalladey and planned to be a rabbi but diverted into the
paper industry. Ignaz built up a thriving paper manufacturing company
[he bought an existing company called POTSCH - with umlaut].

Sons Ludwig [commercial] and Emanuel [technical] worked in the family
company. The family then built a famous hydroelectric plant in Hohenfurth.
I am not sure who Julius was. Ignaz also founded the cemetery where he
is buried.

This website tells the story. The pictures of the factories are breathtaking.
Do not miss them: Ignac SPIRO & Sohne, Cesky Krumlov Factory for bond
paper in Cesky Krumlov - Vetrni - The hand production of paper already
existed in the region of Cesky Krumlov in 1614. The production plant
was rented out to different tenants and in the year 1766 was sold to
Jiri PACHNER. The biggest changes and the beginning of the greatest
expansion in the manufacture of paper {arose with} the arrival of a
trader {named} Ignac Spiro >from Jindrichuv Hradec {Neuhaus}.....

and do not forget to click the link to the amazing hydro-electric power
plant too:

There are other clickable links too, to industry in the region.

Looking up Neuhaus, Tabor Kreis in the 1793 census of Bohemia, I can
find no SPIRA/SPIRO but there is an Eliachim SPIRA living in Kardasch
Retschitz/Kardasova Recice [Vol III p. 348]. Eliachim is a fabric dealer
from Tachau. Eliachim has two sons Low & Isak, and three daughters
Rebecca, Elisabeth and Rachel. Could Ignaz SPIRO be the grandson of
Eliachim and could Emanuel be named after his grandfather? This is the
only SPIRA family in the Tabor Kreis in 1793. I had already noted that
this area appeared to be a hot-house for entrepreneurs! Ignaz SPIRO
was definitely one of the greatest.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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