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Robert Hanscomb asks about the family of Dr Frank
KNOPFELMACHER >from Vienna,Prague and Australia
(1923-1995) of Australia, a controversial figure who
died 10 years ago >from injuries sustained in a car
accident. Does anyone have any information
about his parents or grandparents?

I know nothing about Frank except what I found out
from an internet search and this provided quite a few

from this we know:
1. Frank married and that he has a son Andrew, who
surely must know something about his family?

2. Frank was born in Feb 1923 in Vienna, hence the IKG
should be able to help.

3. His parents were probably born ca 1890-1900

4. They may have been deported >from Prague and a Yad
vashem search provides quite a few names and witnesses
notably Henry G Weissenstein of Baltimore. Please also
note the Doew [Austrian] victims associated with
Prague, mentioned in the last paragraph.

5. Three of Franks's family committed suicide in
Vienna in the wake of the Nazi terror. If these were
paternal KNOPFELMACHER, and not on the maternal side,
then we have quite a few candidates >from the cemetry
database: all are in the Zentralfriedhof - Tor 1 or
Tor IV.

Knopfelmacher Bernhard aged 61 died 20.03.1938 T1 50
46 28 - I know he was married to a Mimi

Knopfelmacher Joachim aged 79 died 21.11.1939 TIV 20A
20 14

Knopfelmacher Karoline died 22.06.1940 TIV 21 35 36
Knopfelmacher Moses Samuel aged 82 died 26.11.1942 T4
21 35 34

Knopfelmacher Maria aged 75* 21.09.1866-03.07.1941 TIV
21 38 47
Knopflmacher Israel/Ignaz 83* 04.04.1857-03.07.1941
TIV 21 38 47
[see footnote and also note the dates of death of this

Knopfelmacher Minetti aged 66 died 08.05.1939 TIV 16
10 8

Knopfelmacher Sofie aged 72 died 04.03.1940 TIV 20A
27 11

and possibly:
Knopflmacher Siegmund aged 76 died 12.05.1943 TIV
19K 6 5

The fact that Marie and Israel/Ignaz died on the same
day is highly suspicious to me. Note that Ignaz is
spelled KNOPFLMACHER in the database. I suspect that
they were a devoted couple who committed suicide
together. They could be the grandparents of Frank, or
perhaps a gt-aunt and uncle?

There are two Ignaz Knopfelmacher in Vienna in 1933 -
both are professional - one is a patent agent and one
a professor.
It should be easy to follow them up. Strangely,
neither have a listed asset file. This might suggest
that one left well before April 1938 and that the
other was poor. We know >from Doew that one Ignaz was
murdered and he was born on 25.11.1873.

There are 20 Knopfelmacher and Knopflmacher listed on
Doew as Austrian Holocaust victims and some are
associated with Prague namely: Amalie {22.12.1881},
Felix {31.8.1899} and Leonhard {06.02.1872}.

All we know at the moment about Felix, who >from his
dates could be the father of Frank, is >from >from Yad
He was born on 31/08/1899 [my birthday!] and he died
in Majdanek. He was on transport Au >from Prague to
Terezin on 12/05/1942 and transport Ay >from Terezin to
Lublin on 17/05/1942
prisoner Nr. 613 and 343 on the first and second

We remember him here today, together with all the
other KNOPFELMACHER and KNOPFLMACHER victims of the

Celia Male [U.K.]

Footnote: * Maria is listed as 70 and Ignaz as 63 in
the IKG database - these do not correspond with their
given dates of birth. I have corrected them above.

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