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I just had another look at Judaica Bohemiae VII, 1971 and the
holdings of the Prague Jewish Museum for Trebitsch. I did provide the
website of this SIG with a detailed description of what one may find in
the museum on Jewish community archives of Bohemia and Moravia.
Anyway, here is what the museum has on Trebitsch.

Constitution, 1879-1908
Chronicles and Pinkasbooks, 1674-1905
Statistics, list of members, lists of names, 1799-1922
Registration of documents, 1880-1934
Religious matters, rabbi, 1881-1911
Social care, assistance for sick, poor, 1825-1939
Papers of community employees, 1840-1937
Community finances: 1795-1940
Endowments, 1839-1936
Registration documents, name changes, BMD certificates, 1833-1934
Circumcision books, 1861-1883
Burial society, 1867-1935
Lists and plan of synagogue seats, 1800-1937
School records, 1844-1868
Local societies, 1831-1933
Privae papers, 1821-1933 (these are listed by name)

This is a partial list of items of some interest to researchers. The birth,
marriage and death registers of Trebitsch (about 1783 -1943) and other
communities >from Bohemia and Moravia were transferred to the
Czech central archives in Prague. However in the holdings listed above
there seems to be a lot of interesting stuff, such as Pinkasbooks, list of
synagogue seats, circumcision books and others.

Henry Wellisch

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