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Dan Huth wrote that his gr.grandfather was born in Prossnitz, (Prostejov)
Moravia. So was my gt. grandfather ADOLF FISCHEL - born 14.4.1847 Adolf's
parents Ephraim FISCHEL AND Rachel KAUDERS. Perhaps they knew each other..
(don't know what kind of a Jewish Community existed there at that time).
Adolf FISCHEL was buried in Vienna on March 23, 1915. My great aunt, Adolf
and (Anna's MICHALUP'S) eldest daughter, Ottilie FISCHEL (later RAUDNITZ) was
born in Prague in 1868 so my great grandparents lived in Prague at that
time. They moved to Vienna where my other great aunts and uncles and my
grandmother were born. On a Marriage Certificate >from Vienna 1887 it states
that Adolf FISCHEL is marrying my great grandmother's sister Carolina
MICHALUP ((whose parents were Seligman and Judith BRANDIS) after my great
grandmother (Anna) died shortly after she gave birth to my grandmother. It
also states that Adolf is a "buchhalter aus Prag." To follow up on your
question, Dan, where does one look for records? Is it the National Archives
in Prague or are there any local records of the Jewish Community in
Prossnitz, for example? Here are a few additional questions that perhaps
someone could answer:

1. A death certificate sent to me >from the State Archives in Prague states
that Adolf Fischel (I gave them his birth date) died in Prasseditz Nr. 27
district of Teplice on June 6th, 1904. It seems to me that this is not my
Adolf FISCHEL? How can this be best verified?

2. Is Prasseditz also Prossnitz or is this a different place entirely?

3. Caroline FISCHEL'S parents, as noted above are Seligman and Judith
BRANDIS - Caroline's marriage certificate states that Adolf is marrying a
Caroline MICHALUP and in the burial information I received >from Vienna it
states that her maiden name was BITTMAN?

Lastly, Beth Hatefutsoth - the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora in Israel - has listings of the Communities with its Jewish History (in my
next posting I'll write about Osek - Wossek and the information Beit
Hatefutsoth provided) - Haven't inquired yet about Prossnitz.

Happy Chanukah
Amira Kohn-Trattner
New York, N.Y.

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