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Hans Peter Grab <hpgrab@...>

2. Is Prasseditz also Prossnitz or is this a different place entirely?
Prasseditz (the correct German name was Prosetitz)/Prosetice in old district
Teplitz/Teplice in Bohemia.

Three Prossnitz (correct not with ss but with a German sharp s) in Czech
Prossnitz/Prostejov (e with a diacritic tickmark over the letter), old
district Prossnitz/Prostejov in Moravia,
Klein Prossnitz/Prostejovicky (e and c with diacritic tickmarks) in old
district Prossnitz/Prostejov in Moravia,
Prossnitz/Vrazice (z with a diacritic tickmark) in old district Boemisch (oe
= correct o with two points over the letter = Umlaut) Krumau/Cesky (C with a
diacritic tickmark and y with an acute over the letters) Krumlov in Bohemia.

Hanus Grab

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