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Jurgen Schwiening asked: Is anybody researching Victor LICHTENSTERN >from
Mahrisch-Ostrau and Vienna or the Loew family >from Buchlovice? I have been
in touch with Jurgen and received a
bit more information. It is the London-based niece of Victor who is
searching for her family.

It is because of my connection with the Moravian town Mahrisch Ostrau /
Moravska Ostrava (now Ostrava), I was interested in the LICHTENSTERN family.
In order to solve this puzzle, Celia Male (UK) and I have combined forces
and found relevant information relating to the missing branch of the

Viennese Jews were forced to submit asset declarations in 1938. The files
are stored in the Austrian Staatsarchiv [Nottendorfergasse] and include many
personal details. Copies of these can be retrieved. Among them there are
declarations of the following:
Lichtenstern, Richard, born 16.08.1875;
Lichtenstern, Victor, born 05.10.1873.

The Vienna Meldearchiv [Dept MA8 of the Wiener Stadt und Landesarchiv] had
the following information:
Dr. Richard LICHTENSTERN, born 16.8.1875 in Mahrisch-Ostrau, Jewish,
married, Factory Director, lived 2.9.1919 - 1.11.1938 at 7,
Schottenfeldgasse 37/6, together with his wife Emma, 30 thirty years old and
the children Franz-Gustav, 8 years old and Hertha, 5 years old.
Departed: Palestine.

Franz-Gustav LICHTENSTERN, born 20.8.1911 in Mahrisch-Ostrau, single,
Jewish, university student, lived 26.4.1939 - 23.5.1939 at 18, Hofstattgasse
25/8, before then Concentration Camp Weimar-Buchenwald. Previous address in
Vienna: 7, Schottenfeldgasse 37.
Departed for: "Haifa, Palestine, Hillel st. 43."

Hertha LICHTENSTERN, born 24.4.1914 in Mahrisch-Ostrau, Jewish, single,
student, lived 4.7.1933 - 10.9.1938 at 7, Schottenfeldgasse 37/1/1/7.
Departed for: "Laibach [Ljubliana] Yugoslavia."

The Haifa cemetery shows us the following burials:
Lichtenstern Richard Yitzchak (father Gershon), died 12.12.1953 and
Emma (father Karl), died 16.6.1969 - buried next to each other.
Lichtenstern Franz, (father Yitzchak), died 30.6.1991 and
Tessi, father Otto, died 28.7.1994 - buried next to each other.

Franz & Tessi Lichtenstern's address was - Vitkin 1, Haifa, 4-8254825.

It is clear that Dr. Richard Lichtenstern and his wife Emmi , as well as
their son Franz-Gustav Lichtenstern and his wife Tessi. emigrated to Israel
(Palestine) and survived. They lived and died in Haifa. We have no
information as to possible descendants of Franz and Tessi. They could
have "Hebraisised" their surnames, or perhaps they had only daughters,
who married.

Regretfully, there is no information concerning the fate of Hertha
Lichtenstern, who fled to Yugoslavia.

The father of Richard is Gershon and Ricahrd's son is "Gustav" - this name
was often used in Vienna instead of the Hebrew "Gershon".

Uri Meretz, Ramat-Hasharon, Israel

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