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Wilma Iggers {nee ABELES} wrote to me and I have her permission to quote:
"I would like to know more about my ABELES ancestors and am willing to
share what I know. To introduce myself: I emigrated >from Czechoslovakia
with my family in 1938, to Canada. My father was Karl (Karel) ABELES; his
father was Richard ABELES, {Jewish first name, after his grandfather Rubin}.
His father was Israel ABELES.

He [Israel] and his wife Franziska and their 9 children - I know all their
names - lived in Hochlibin - Vysoka Libyna near Kralovice. His father, [ie
Wilma's gtgtgrandfather] who spelled his name Rubin ABELLES was born in 1790.

Israel had a brother Ignaz. Rubin's first wife's name was Libuse, his
second, Ignaz's mother was Magdalena. I had some of this info. >from
Magdalena's grandson, Dr. Hans ABELES [deceased] in New Jersey."

Then there followed some personal contact info re Hans' family. Wilma has
much of the ABELES data in the US [she is currently in Germany] and she
also has compilation by Richard ABELES of Phoenix, Arizona. Wilma then
"I have been hoping to do some research, but have not had time, and have,
perhaps wrongly, thought that all I would find is names and dates. I
would love to hear >from anybody who could tell me more, and would be
glad to pass on what else I know. My info. about my POPPER ancestors
and early relatives is about as extensive as about the ABELES, less about
ORNSTEIN and FINGERS, my other grandparents and their families."

Thank you Wilma for all this data. Wilma luckily has the Heimatschein
of Rubin ABELLES, Handelsmann, geheiratet [businessman/trader and married]
aged 58, dated 22 August 1850 >from Hochlieben. Bezirkshauptmannschaft
Saaz. Rubin is of average height with grey hair and black-grey eyes.
He speaks German and "Bohmisch".

In 1793 I have Isack Rubin ABILES [sic] {Witwer/widower} living in
Hochlieben Gut {Vysoka Libyne], Rakonitzer Kreis - Branntwien, Eisen
und Lederhandel [distiller, iron and leather].

With him lives Isack ABILES married and his wife Ester, no mention of
children, so I suspect RUBIN, Wilma's gtgtgrandfather, was born after
the census date in 1793 and he is the son of this ISACK and grandson
of ISACK RUBIN the widower {Vol V p329].

In most of the census volumes, there are many dates for the various
Herrschaften/Gut etc when the census was finalised. In the Caslauer
Kreis there are dates ranging >from early January till 3 March [p108 Vol V].
However, for the Rakonitzer Kreis there is only one reference to a
census data {Vol V p380}. The date of the completed census is 5 Hornung
[February] 1793. For Hornung see:

So I believe that Rubin was born shortly after the census was taken in
Hochlieben and by August 22 1850, he was older than 57.5 yrs and registered
as 58.

The only other Jewish family in Hochlieben is that of Moyses Flus, an
aptly named Flussiedler [potash extractor] and distiller. He comes >from
Tische, Pilsner Kreis. And there is a footnote which says "von Prag
Sara ZUZEK" - which I assume means he obtained/bought the concession
from her. His wife is called Goloda - they have two sons Isak and Moises
and two daughters. These were probably the playmates of young Rubin.

So now we have a great ABELES succession for Wilma stretching over 250

Isak Rubin - gtgtgtgtgrandfather born ca 1745
Isack - gtgtgtgrandfather born ca 1770
Rubin - gtgtgrandfather born 1793
Israel - gtgrandfather born ca 1818 - nine children all known
Richard - grandfather born ca 1860
Karl {Karel} - father born ca 1890
Wilma Iggers - daughter

As for the name ABELES - yes they were very numerous in the late 1900s
and early 20th century, but as I have said before - the name is not that
common in the various Kreis of Bohemia in 1793. When the census of
Prague arrives we may find many in Prague itself. There is a cluster
in Wallisgrin [Kuzova] in the Schutz of Hochlieben and they may be
relatives of Wilma's. Only a Familianten search will reveal this.
There are about 8 ABELES families in both the Berauner and Rakonitzer
Kreis in 1793 [16 families in all] and about 12 in all the other Kreis
combined; It is possible that by 1793 many ABELES families had already
changed their names to ADLER, AUSTERLITZ and variants and we are only
counting the stragglers who held on tenaciously to their ancestral name!
Furthemore, we have no proof that these families are related - indeed
it is most unlikely except for those living in the same local area.

The way forward for Wilma is a Familianten search in Prague together
with a search for the important birth certificates.

Celia Male [U.K.]

Fotnote: all the page references are to the 1793 Jewish census of Bohemia

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