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Susan Lubow NJ has followed up the ABELES >from Chiesch, Bohemia saga
and writes: "there is a listing for a Theresa ABELES, b. 1893 in Chiesch.
I tracked down her family and found that there was a Samuel ABELES
who married Michelle UTITZ of Prague and they had 3 children in the
1820's. Their only son was Israel, b. 182? and d. Nov 30, 1894. He
had a son Max, b. Nov 21, 1865 in Chiesch who married Dorothea ASCHENBRENNER
and they had 7 children. The oldest was Theresa, who had 7 younger
brothers, some of them born in Munich."

I have been searching for any clues about a pair of missing ABELES
from Moravia, Richard and Fritz, but instead found a mention on Yad
Vashem of the above Max and Dorothea and the tragic fate of their son
Friedrich and his two sons [grandsons of Max and Dorothea] .

Father: Max; Mother: Dora of Chiesch Son: Friederich born 1 April 1892 -
in Chiesch and murdered in Riga in Nov. 1941 together with his sons
Oskar/David born 23 Feb 1922 in Munich and Walter, born 1 Jan 1927.

Friederich's wife was Rosa nee KATZ, but she had already died.

Testimony was given twice in 1971 in Florida by a cousin: Rita DOYCH
[DEUTSCH], nee GALLINGER - [address & zip code deleted - Moderator]
Miami Beach, Florida.

Rita had a terrible task as other ABELES victims were:

Max ABELES father Israel dob 21 Sept 1865 [wrongly transcribed as as
1885. Died in Thereseinstadt Dora ABELES nee ASCHENBRENNER [father
Moses] - dob 7 Jan 1868 Died in Auschwitz.

[Rita says she is the cousin of Max and Dora and their children].

Ernst ABELES son of Max and Dora - dob 21 June 1895
Hilde ABELES wife of Ernst - dob 25 Nov 1895 - mother
Bertha HEYMANN and Leopold HEYMANN of Wertheim, Germany.
Liselotte ABELES - daughter of Ernst and Hilde dob 7 Feb 1924
Ernst, Hilde and Liselotte died in Riga in 1941.

Eugen ABELES son of Max and Dora - dob 2 Sept 1897 - died in Riga in 1941.

Many family members lived in Munich 1939-1941. Rita also gave testimony
for her sister Selma SUNDHEIMER and brother-in-law and niece Therese;
her uncle Heinrich LINDO [mistranscribed as LINDE] and her aunt Paula
[nee LINDO] ADLER. I have just sent in a correction for LINDE/LINDO and
urge others to do the same when they see obvious mistakes.

We remember all these tragic victims today and also Rita who gave testimony
for them. It must have been a harrowing task for her.

So, tragically, we can build a family tree for our little family >from
Chiesch - but not in the way that one would wish, as most were wiped
out in the holocaust. Exactly, how Rita was related to the ABELES, I
have yet to work out. Hopefully there are descendants of Rita that can
be traced.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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