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Jan Hellmann <jan@...>

I suppose that Slovakia being part of Austria - Hungary is inside of
frame of our group interrest. In this connection, I wish to inform that this
month the Slovakian government had open a new web side concerning Jewish
companies liquidated in the period 1941-1942 - totally some 10.000 names.
The page is unfortunately in Slovakian only, however it is possible in
the frame "okres" to choose a city name and than go line by line.
Good hunt

Jan O. Hellmann/Denmark

1 - Strictly speaking, Slovakia is not within the area
that AustriaCzech focuses on; it is dealt with at H-SIG, which may
be found at:

2 - There is in fact an English version of the webpages - go to the
bottom of the homepage and click on the small link "english version".
It does not appear to have the same full functionality as the
Slovakian version.

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