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Ron Herrmann <ron_herrmann@...>

Dear Friends,

Yad Vashem started a campaign to collect the missing
3,000,000 Shoah victims' names. So far, Yad Vashem was
able to collect only about half of the Pages of
Testimony for the 6 million victims of the Nazis
unspeakable crimes.

Pages of Testimony can now be filled out online. You
can obtain detailed instructions >from the "Guide to
Submitting Names Online", which can be downloaded from
or <>

To reach the online Pages of Testimony form, go to
or <>

Please hurry and spread this notice to all your
friends and acquaintances. We are running out of time.
The number of survivors who still remember names and
details of our dearest is diminishing rapidly.

May our martyrs souls rest in eternal peace

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