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Dear Group,

My great grandfather Ignacz (Ignatz) REINITZ, born and raised in
Nagykanizsa, Hungary, attended the University of Vienna in the 1826-7.
He was enrolled in the first year of the Philosophy Faculty in 1826 and
probably stopped studying there in 1827/8 when he moved to Budapest
to study medicine.

I checked with the University archive and it seems that while they have
Ignacz registered in the University, they do not hold additional details of
the students >from these years.

I know that Ignacz and his widow mother Regina lived in Vienna these years.
Regina probably continued living in Vienna or possibly Kis Marton
(Eisenstadt) in the late 1820s.

I wonder if anyone can help me with sources that will provide details of
their residence and additional details about Regina REINITZ.


Omri Arnon

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