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The Institut Theresienstaedter Initiative together with the
Dokumentationsarchiv des Oesterr. Widerstandes (Documentary Archive
of Austrian Resistance; DOEW) has now published the definitive book on
the Austrian part of this sad story. Other volumes on the Czech and German
part were issued before.

The book is in the German language with many interesting articles.
Of course the Totenbuch Theresienstadt, listing Austrian victims was
published in 1983, but since then more research has been done. Also
there are the following differences. The new book lists, apart from
the victims deported >from Vienna, those Austrians who were caught by
the Germans in other European countries and sent >from there to
Theresienstadt. People who survived Theresienstadt and the
deportation >from there to the East are also shown. There is also a
list of 1134 Hungarian Jews who had originally been sent to a work
camp at Strasshof near Vienna and were transferred in March and April
1945 to Theresienstadt.

Individual entries show the following:
First and family name
Date of birth
Date of death in Theresienstadt (where applicable)
Designation and date of transport to the East (where applicable)

In the case of survivors there are, apart >from the personal
information, two types of entries:
Befreit Theresiennstadt (liberated T.) or
Ew - 5.2.1945, Schweiz (This refers to the transport of 1200 Jews from
Theresienstadt to Switzerland; there were 153 Austrians among them)
The book does not supply for individuals the date and number of
transport to Theresienstadt. This was shown in the Totenbuch.
The 700 page book is available >from the website for 29
Euros plus postage.

Henry Wellisch

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