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I checked the Family Tree of the Jewish People early this morning,
and was pleased to discover that my tree -- containing about 6,500 names --
has now been posted. This collection deals primarily with the KNOPFELMACHER,
TAUBER, ZWILLINGER, and ZERKOWITZ families of Moravia (with numerous branches
into Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria), but many other family groups are
also included. Among the more well-known names are: Frankist disciple
Salomon KOHN-ZERKOWITZ (b. c.1750), Viennese writer Sidonie GRUNWALD-ZERKOWITZ
(1852-1907), violinist Sigismund BACHRICH (1841-1913), American inventor
Oscar ZERK (1878-1968), writer Herman UNGAR (1893-1929) [whose brother
married a KNOPFELMACHER], and Australian professor Dr. Frank KNOPFELMACHER
(1923-1995), to name a few. There are also hundreds and hundreds of
Shoah victims in all of these families.

I plan on continuing to add names, and will post an update every quarter.
One of my sources is the KNOPFLMACHER Stammbaum (written about 1905
by a relative in Vienna) which outlines the genealogies of a large
number of families connected to the KNOPFLMACHER family. I have
entered data >from the first 40 pages of the Stammbaum, but still have
about 20 more pages to go. Because it is written in the old German kurrent,
that's been a slow process for me.

If anyone has any questions about any of these families, feel free
to e-mail me.

Best regards,

Robert Hanscom
Andover, Massachusetts


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