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In December 2005 Peter Solti >from Hungary wrote to our
SIG for the first time: "The parents of Jella
parents are: Ignatz SCHICK and Amalie WERNER. There
is an article in a newspaper Illustriertes Wiener
Extrablatz, 29. April 1911 p 5 depicting them.

Today Bob Hanscomb has alerted us of his fantastic
ZERKOWITZ tree on the FTJP. I have also been to the
ZF, Vienna with Traude Triebel to see the graves of
her ZERKOWITZ family.

So now its my turn. Here is *my* ZERKOWITZ saga: I had
been planning a posting called: "Where have all the
NETTEL gone?" When two years ago, I was researching
tiny Grossbock {Velka Bukovina] in N. Bohemia, I noted
that for about 200 years [1700-1900], just a very few
families dominated this small and historically
significant community* under the protection of Count
Sporck. They were my own KOHN family [later Kerner in
Vienna] who departed for Vienna in the 1850s, as well
as the NETTEL, HERMANN and FEIK families [we believe
the latter are related to Sigger Martin Tompa]. Sadly,
I know where all the KOHN/KERNER have gone - there are
none left, except as descendants with other names.

As for the NETTEL, I have yet to trace one. I have
found NETTEL >from Poland, but Rudolf Wlaschek, the
expert on this area of Bohemia writes that nearly all
the Bohemian NETTEL came >from Grossbock.

It would be nice to find at least one other living
being with a link to Grossbock and its superb little
cemetery full of NETTEL, KOHN and HERMANN I visited
with Achab Haidler and Julius Muller.

I went to the Yad Vashem site and looked for NETTEL by
entering *NETTEL* as a maiden name and Bohemia as
place of birth into an "advanced search". To my
amazement, I found the following: Jenny ZERKOWITZ nee
NETTEL was born in Nachod [very nr Grossbock!],
Czechoslovakia in 8 March 1858. She was married to
Alexander ZERKOWITZ. Prior to WWII she lived
in Graz, Austria. During the war was in
Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia. Jenny died in 1942 in
Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia. Page of Testimony
submitted on 03/07/1975 by her daughter.

And where did her daughter Elsa ZERKOWITZ live? Barely
15 minutes walk >from my current home in England. I
feared Elsa, unmarried, must be dead by now. She also
mentions in her testimony, that the family
lived in Hohe Warte, Vienna - a rather upper-class
neighbourhood. The irony of it is that she lived so
close and I have missed her!

Now I find her on the tree Bob Hanscomb has uploaded.
and she has died in 1994: Father Alexander ZERKOWITZ
6 Apr 1860, Vienna, Austria - 1 Jan 1927 Graz, Austria
Mother: Jeanette ("Jenny") NETTEL 8 Mar 1860, Nachod,
Moravia - 22 Dec 1942, Theresienstadt. Daughter Elsa
[nee NETTEL] was born in 1898.

So please Bob can you correct Nachod which is in
Bohemia next to Grossbock - not Moravia!

And sadly it appears there are no ZERKOWITZ/NETTEL

re ZERKOWITZ in Vienna in 1933, there were quite a
few: Andre in the wine business; Luise and Ludwig who
was a wine dealer living in Prinz Eugenstrasse
- a very good address! Perhaps related to Andre?
Theodor: Industrialist; Friederike; Grethe; Kathe - a
director's widow; Marie - knitted goods;
Wally - ladies tailoress. Fritz - a medical doctor.
Leopold - Decorator.

I do find it amazing that two descendants of
NETTEL/ZERKOWITZ of Grossbock/Nachod/Vienna and KOHN
of Grossbock/Vienna, should have ended up living so
close to each other in England and, irony of ironies,
not knowing about each other.

Celia Male [U.K.]

* Rudolf Wlaschek wrote a treatise about it.

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