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Ed Zwieback <ezwieback@...>

As I understand it, in 1938, all Vienna Jewish residents with assets
greater than 5,000 Reichmark ( equivalent to about $25,000 US today) were
required to declare their property. The list of "Property Declarations" has
been available on the web at
for many years; see Randy's e-mail (excerpt) included below. This list
includes just the name and birth date. Maybe because of the Asset-Level
requirement, not all Vienna Jews are listed. My uncle, Heinrich ZWIEBACK,
resident of Vienna since 1928 and deported to Riga in 1942, is not on this
list. More info about this subject is at .

I have just received what appears to be the same list in a single Excel
spreadsheet file (.xls format) and have made it available for down loading
to your PC, at my web space at
. The file size is about 6 MB, and the Full list is in Table 1 (49,122
names). There are 5 columns; Surname, Given name, Birth date (YYYYMMDD),
File No., KTN (?), and Depository.

Ed Zwieback
Long Beach, CA
with personal family at
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 17:47:43 -0500
From: "Schoenberg, E. Randol"
Subject: Austrian Bank claims

There is a database of about 50,000 names and birthdates of individuals who
filled out property declarations required by the Nazis after the Anschluss
in March 1938. This list is now mostly available on the internet at

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