Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Re: what sources list siblings of deceased immigrants to Vienna? #austria-czech

Heinz Hadwig <Heinz.Hadwig@...>


Write to the 'Stadt- und Landesarchiv Wien' benuetzersaal@...

1. They have documents >from the local district courts since 1850.
If you know name/birth date/adress, they can look for the
'Todesfallsanzeige' (dead registration).
After the dead of a person the court and an advocat note all details
about family members, inheritance, income, last will, guardianship, aso.

After you have received this information (note postal adress, ask for
copies) start next mail: gregor.merkel@...

Ask for a 'Meldeauskunft' (restidence registration) for the siblings.
from 1910 onwards those registration forms should be available.
Give name(s)/birth date(s). Note that those persons are Jewish - no fee
will take place.


Regards >from Vienna,
Heinz (Hadwig)

IsraelP schrieb:

A relative of mine immigrated to Vienna >from Galicia between 1893
and 1904, and died in Vienna in 1905. I know his name, date of death, date of
burial, where he is buried in Vienna, year of birth, parents' names, siblings
names, and an address in Vienna.

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