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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Peter Rohel is looking for links in these families and
writes to us: People buried in the same graves as

Rosa FRIEDMANN Born: 1825 Died: Sep 11, 1900
Leontine FRIEDMANN Born: 1862 Died: Mar 20, 1941
Sofie FRIEDMANN Born: 1865 Died: Feb 08, 1940
Malvine FRIEDMANN Born 1895 Died: Mar 22, 1896

Sofie SCHWARZ Born: 1846 Died: Aug 16, 1919
Moritz SCHWARZ Born: 1844 Buried: Oct 30, 1924

Please be careful when looking for graves on the
Zentralfriedhof, Vienna database. There are *two*
gates: I and IV and some of the graves have the same
numbers in Gates I and IV! In this case, Peter has
buried people together who are actually half a mile
apart: Zentralfriedhof Gate I. Group 6 Row 29 Grave 4

Malvine 11 months 22.03.1896 - 24.03.1896
Heinrich aged 68 09.03.1891 11.03.1891
Rosa aged 75 11.09.1900 13.09.1900
Ludwig no age 27.06.1920 29.06.1920
Hugo Dr. aged 71 20.03.1922 22.03.1922
Sofie aged 75 08.02.1940 12.02.1940
Leontine aged 79 20.03.1941 27.03.1941

The SCHWARZ couple however is also buried in grave:
Group 6 Row 29 Grave 4 but at *Gate IV* - so I suggest
Peter eliminates them >from his enquiries!

SCHWARZ Sofie aged 73 16.08.1919 18.08.1919
SCHWARZ Moritz aged 80 buried 30.10.1924

Artur FRIEDMANN is buried at Zentralfriedhof Gate 1 19
1 35 with his parents and I suspect his brother.
If you go to the IGI index, you will see the family
details of Artur and Leonie nee BOHM plus details of
Artur's death in Berlin and a vestigial family tree:

Bernhard aged 65 16.01.1900 18.01.1900
Auguste aged 78 27.06.1923
Philipp aged 48 03.03.1920
Artur aged 52 15.02.1929 17.02.1929

As for Szenitz [Hungary] - I have noted many babies
born in Vienna >from the mid-1830s onwards, whose
parents came >from Sennitz [sic]. Checking this on
a search engine as *Sennitz*, I came across a useful site, in
German, called "Forgotten Place Names":

Senica // Szenice // Sennitz // Neutra
Senica pri Banskej Bystrici // Szénás // Sennitz
b.Neusohl // Sohl

I suspect our Sennitz/Szenitz is the one associated
with Neutra.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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