Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech re: FRIEDMANN, ADLER, DOMENY, MAYER, SAFFIR, SCHWARZ, SUBAK #austria-czech

Saundra <ramlog@...>

I am new to your list, and to mail lists, so firgive my likely errors

The FRIEDMANN and SCHWARZ families mentioned on 26 and 27 April are very
similar to some in my husband's Vienna families. The difference is that his
relatives are all without the MANN ending on the surnames.

Can you tell me if these could be the same family, but the descendants only
knew them by the shorter version of the names?

The time frames appear to be close to the onces we will be working to
extend. The other name in Vienna was GROSS.

Thank you.
Saundra Peddicord
Missouri USA

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