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On the 9 April 2001 Monica Leonards submitted her first posting to
the Austria-Czech SIG. You can read it in the message archives:

Subject: Introduction - Names and Places

Surnames Monica was researching: In the town of Lukavec (Pelhrimov)
and the nearby village of Caslavsko: MAHLER, POPPER, ELTBOGEN
(Eltbogen is an uncommon name, and it apparently is ElTbogen and not
ElLbogen). According to Professor Jiri Rychetsky, an expert on Gustav
Mahler's extended family, Monica's MAHLER descended >from the original
Abraham MAHLER through his son Michal.

In the town of Krinec (near Nymburk) and the nearby villages of Sovenice
and Mcely: KAHN, HAHN, BENDA and POLLAK.

Other names and places: MAHLER (Prague and Kolin); KAHN (Mlada Boleslav);
REICH (Kopaninny); GLUCKAUF (?Liberec); ADLER (Prague) and RESEK (?).

Monica's ancestors began drifting into the larger Bohemian cities during
the last decades of the 19th century, and into Vienna at the beginning of
the 20th century.

There followed 39 other postings written by Monica or relating to her
postings. Monica died last week in Philadelphia at the early age of 49.

I think it would be nice if we all looked at the message archives and
read Monica's postings again in her memory.

The April 30, 2006 edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer had an obituary
notice. Mark Halpern, President, JGS of Greater Philadelphia wrote to me:
Monica was a very bright woman and a great researcher. She was also a
very giving person, giving her time and effort to the JGS of Greater
Philadelphia - always helping members with their research in German-speaking
regions and New York City.

The JGSGP will publish a memorial in their next issue of Chronicles and
would appreciate any praises and comments to be sent to them. They have also
established a Memorial Library Fund in her honour. Monica was always one
of the most frequent users of the Library and they shall buy some books in
her honour.

Ann Rabinowitz Coordinator, Kupiskis SIG wrote: Monica was an active member
whose forte was tracking Kupishokers who came to America and the people they
came to. Her databases, for not only Kupiskis, but the surrounding shtetls
as well, were of immense importance to our membership. - see:

Monica was obviously an all-round genealogist and one who many people will
miss terribly, as she was so enthusiastic and helpful to others.

I have the address of Monica's father if anyone wishes to write to him.
I had planned to meet Monica in August 2005 but she was not well enough
to see me. She had asked me to look for her gt-grandparents FRIED grave
in Vienna but when I was there last in Autumn 2005, I could not find it.
I feel I have let her down. I now regret, more than ever, not meeting Monica.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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