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Dear Erika

You already know of my grandfather, Richard SALUS of Boletice (Politz an der
Elbe) and my great uncle Josef SALUS of Benesov nad Ploudnici (Bensen) but I
would be most interested to have confirmation that they were on the 1929
list and to know the addresses given. I would also be interested to know
the names of the other doctors in Politz - and other SALUS doctors, wherever
they were based.

With very best wishes and many thanks

Ruth Coman

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Erika Kalkofen-Frahne >from Dortmund, Germany and I have worked on
this posting together. Erika located a list of doctors and dentists
in 1929 in a 130-page document entitled: "Mitteilungen des Heilfonds
der offentlichen Bediensteten" - Verzeichnis der Vertragsarzte",

It encompasses Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia [only Freistadt, Freiwaldau,
Friedek, Hultschin, Jaegerndorf Cesky Tesin, Troppau and Wagstadt],
Slovakia, and Carpathian-Ruthenia.
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