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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Sally Goodman wrote: As a follow up to my previous post, May 26th (see
below), re Elie Weisel's visit to Auschwitz with Oprah, a Jewish Genner
sent a message to me personally re a book called "Hana's Suitcase" written
for middle school age children. It is wonderful story about one of these
suitcases. She wondered what information could be gained >from the suitcases.

I just wanted to remind the Austria-Czech Siggers that Uri Meretz and I
have written about this story and Hanus Grab sent in a follow-up.

If you are new to our group, please look up the message archives with
appropriate keywords. You will find the messages entitled "Remembering
Hana BRADY" and "BRADY Genealogy" on 22nd June 2005.

Our message archives are a goldmine. Please remember to use them!

Celia Male (U.K., but currently in Vienna)

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