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I rarely look for Viennese graves in churchyards but after a plea
from Georg Gaugusch and Christopher Wentworth-Stanley in Vienna who
are respectively researching the genealogy of this family and the
whereabouts of portraits of the painter de Laszlo [ne LAUB in
Budapest], I went off in search of the graves of Victor and Emma
GRAETZ. Georg tells us that the GRAETZ were a Jewish family from
Vienna and their son Victor was a converted Lutheran. He was married
to Emma nee SCHWITZER. Victor's parents were:

Samuel GRAETZ 2.09.1843 - 25.05.06
Johanna 17.06.1856 - 6.09.1924
Victor's brother: Leo 30.05.1875 - 10.09.1930

De Laszlo:
produced a portrait sketch of Emma which was exhibited at the Autumn
Exhibition of the Vienna Kuenstlerhaus in 1912. The only evidence for
the picture's existence is the Kuenstlerhaus catalogue but
Christopher would like to find out where it is (or was). It was
executed in 1912, when Laszlo had already been living in London for 5
years. He was ennobled by Franz Joseph that year.

I had a clue which does not give much hope for finding the picture
locally. If you look at the "Moving Here" catalogue:

you can find data on GRAETZ in the police files dated 2 Nov 1939 when
"aliens" were required to register: Emma 5.02.1884 Vienna; Victor
22.01.1877 Rumberg Austria and you Victor and Emma are living on
that date at the famous Selsdon Park Hotel very close to my home.
Victor is designated "General Manager, Printers and Publishers.

The clue to the whereabouts of Victor's grave are given on the grave
of his parents and brother in the Doblingerfriedhof {Isr Group 1,
45A] where the engraving states that he is buried {beruht} in
Sanderstead, England [one mile down the road >from the Selsdon Park
Hotel] and about two miles >from my home. The Doblingerfriedhof
database also state that father Samuel was buried there on
20.09.1907, more than a year after his death which one can clearly
read on the grave - see:

Please note this URL is sometimes off-line and some computers find it
hard to receive it - ironically one cannot access this municipal
database at the Wiener Stadt und Landesarchiv [Gasometer] but the
Jewish ZF database is accessible there!

Victor died on 19th Nov 1939, barely two weeks after he registered.
Could he have suffered >from depression and committed suicide? What
happened to his wife Emma and the portrait?

I found the grave in Sanderstead at the 12th century Parish Church
and it is probably the best grave in that section [Y40], in polished
granite, reminiscent of the quality of graves in Vienna. I cleaned it
up and left a stone on it! The grave is an a very peaceful setting.

The simple inscription gives the names and dates of Victor's birth
and death: 22 Jan 1877 - 19 Nov 1939 and confirms that Emma is also
buried there - she is inscribed as Emmy 9 Feb 1882 - 28 Feb 1952.

Was I the first and only person to visit this grave since Emmy died?
Emmy must have moved on >from the Selsdon Park Hotel - but where to -
and did they have a family? Who arranged for the inscription on the
Dobling grave after Victor died in 1939?

Their death certificates and the probate records will reveal more,
but I wonder if anyone know about this family?

Celia Male [U.K.]

Footnote: I have good photographs of the grave in Vienna and in
Sanderstead and will pass them on to anyone who is interested to see

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