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Dear friends,
I visited with my son and two youngest grandchildren Prostejov and its
cemetery on the way after our roots, less than a week ago!
The names mr. Lonstein sent, some of the people i knew personally, or I knew
Jacob and Clothilde Steckelmacher were my grandparents.
I knew some members of mister Lonsteins family
Back in stormy Israel, Maud Michal Beer.

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Subject: Pictures of headstones >from Prostejov (Prossnitz), CZR
From: "Joseph Lonstein" <>
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006 11:46:06 -0400
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Two years ago, I was in Prostejov (Prossnitz), Czech Republic and visited
the cemetery to find the graves of my GRUNHUT and KOCH families. After I
did, we began taking pictures of all of the headstones in an attempt to
a photographic record of each burial in the entire cemetery. According to
the records, there are at least 500 stones there, but we were only able to
photograph a small portion of them before the weather prevented us from
taking any more. In addition, many of the stones were very worn, and
probably one-third of the cemetery was overgrown and completely
inaccessible. In any case, I have pictures of stones with the following
names, and can send a digital copy if anyones sees one of interest. Names
grouped together below are on the same stone. Hopefully, someday the rest
will be photographed.

Joe Lonstein
East Lansing, MI


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