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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Rolf Lederer [Toronto, Canada] has asked for his name to be added to
the list of attendees: Rolf, a very keen genealogist, has been a
long-time member of this SIG and you can see his last message from
2000 in the archives. Rolf is interested in LEDERER >from Prague and

His LEDERER family was originally called SIMON [<1791] and lived in
Rakonitz [Rakovnik}, Bohemia since the early 1700s, if not before.
Herschman SIMON [born in Rakonitz] and Barbara had a son Tobias.

I found this family in the 1793 census where I can see three sons and
three daughters: Another son, Hermann, was born in 1797. Luckily all
this tallies with the data Rolf has >from his Prague archives

Census of Bohemia - 1793 Vol V Rakonitzer Kreis p 360
Thobias LEDERER [linen merchant] wife Fogele, belonging to the Schutz
of Hochlieben.

Sons: Simon, Markus 1786-1829; Isak {Hermann arrives in 1797]
Daughters: Beracha, Nathanna, Bela

Rolf has the girls' names as: Ricka, Nechama and Bella. Apparently
Hermann moved to Prague where he had two sons - Marcus and Theodore.

Intriguingly, I have found a widow - Ester SIMON - in the Rakonitzer
Kreis living with her son Abraham SCHEMANN [must have been SIMON!] in
Patek Herrschaft. She is the only SIMON in the Rakonitzer Kreis.
Abraham is quite a wealthy distiller, who has a private tutor
[Herzmann KAZ >from Kozewiz, Klein Polen] for his four sons and

It would be wonderful if Rolf can find more links after this posting
and also in NY where the list of attendees now stands at 23.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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