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Pete Vanlaw <pvan@...>

While visiting Prague, two years ago, with my wife and son, we took a
guided tour to Theresienstadt. I had a grand uncle and aunt who perished
there, and an uncle who perished on the way there, while being
transported >from Bergen Belsen.

We travelled with a small group of about nine of in a passenger van.
Theresienstadt is about a one hour ride >from Prague. I found it a very
sobering and moving experience, yet I learned a lot at the same time. If
you haven't been there before, I highly recommend doing so with a guide.
I'm very glad we did it that way. If you're interested in seeing how it
looks now, I have pictures I'd be happy to send you off line. So, let me
know if you're interested.

Pete Vanlaw
Studio City, CA

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