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Dora Donis

Hi Celia and all,

In my case, the name of the signer was Helene, Helena
or Elena KESTLER. I've looked during the late 1800s,
but found nothing. Now I'm going back to the late
1700s, since Andreas KESTLER (another relative) was
bestowed the "von" title in 1764 (Andreas Kestler was
the personal physician of Maria Theresia). Maybe the
singer also belongs to that era??????

Dora M. Donis-Kestler

--- andrea steckerl <> wrote:

Hi Celia,
My grandfather was Arthur great
grandfather was Ignaz
Steckerl...I was told by my father that either of
these worked for the
Kaiser in some fashion.....he was not specific...he
has passed so
unfortunately I cannot ask.

Andrea Steckerl

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