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Last week I summarised the postings which we had received about Jews
working in/for the Austrian Court and commented that the most
feasible was the jeweller being commissioned to make items for the
Royal family. Medical personalities were not mentioned, but it is
well-known that Jewish doctors always had a prominent place in many
royal entourages and the army.

The jewellery discussion arose as a result of Chana Saadia's posting
from Israel, which said: <My late stepbrother was born in Vienna &
visited there about 15 yrs ago looking for family history. His mother
had told him that her father was a goldsmith to the court, & he found
a record-book which mentioned his grandfather's name. He sent me a
copy of a photo he took of the page, but it's in handwritten German &
very unclear - I don't know where it was located or what book it was
[it has a column for the name & a column for what was received].>

I have seen this page [but I can see no dates] and it has three names

There is a column with comments ie was a letter received about
receipt of jewellery. The key to this page I believe is
TRAUTTMANSDORF - this was an ancient titled family in Austria see:

In the 1600s: Gen. Adam von Trautmannsdorf, was the commander of the
Habsburg troops, see:


Furthermore, if you can read German you will see that David FANTO
[Holics 1852 - Vienna 1922] an oil magnate, was the owner of the
Palais Fanto, Vienna [now the Schoenberg Center] and once owned
Schloss Pottenbrunn but sold it in 1926 to the Trautmannsdorf family.
Josef and Helene Trauttmansdorff, members of the resistance, were
shot there by SS soldiers in the last days of the war:

So perhaps that is how the legend of Chana's family and the Austrian
Royals evolved? There may be other titled Habsburgians who ordered
jewellery on other pages, but I have not seen them.

I also received a fascinating mail >from a NY Sigger whose grandfather
[or gtgrandfather] made "walking golden ducks" for the Tsar of
Russia. Thank you, Evelyne!

Family legend may often be based on fact, but here we have some
evidence to confirm it.

Celia Male [U.K.]

Footnotes: re FANTO family

The Fanto tree goes back to the late 1700s: Jakob> Abraham> Joachim>
David. There are related FANTO graves in the ZF Vienna and links to
the FANTO family in Holics on:

Holics, now in Slovakia is very close to Goding/Hodonin in Moravia.

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