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Some days ago I answered some questions by Bob Lenk about Jewish burials in
Some of my remarks Celia Male misunderstood - so again and more general:

Now we will find in Vienna at least 7 cemeteries with Jewish burials:

1 Rossau (now Vienna district 8), closed about 1784, completly described by
Bernhard Wachstein.

2 Waehring (now Vienna district 18), 1784-1879, in death records called
"allgemeiner Platz", sometimes supplemented with "alter" or "neuer",
sometimes also row number and grave number, sometimes only the neighbor.
Now in use is a (incomplete combined) numbering system, founded after 1900,
combining a general number >from 1 to 7816 with a group number >from 1 to 21
and a grave number (in group). This system has no row number and is
incompatible to location given in death records, but it's possible to

3 Wiener Zentralfriedhof, 1. Tor, Israelitische Abteilung (central cemetery,
gate 1, Jewish section), starting in 1879, now closed. Has groups 5b, 6, 7,
8, 19, 20, 49, 49a, 50, 51, 52, 52a, 53b and 76b with row number and grave
number. For some parts there are important remarks, like "Ehrengrab in der
Zeremonienallee", "Abteilung", "Seitenweg No ", "tuerkische Abteilung"
(Sephardic section) and so on - so there are 4 different graves for 5b-1-3:
Fischhof in "Ehrengrab in der Zeremonienallee", Weinberg and Ergas in
"Zeremonienallee", Spiegler in "Seitenweg 1", Landauer in "Seitenweg 2" and
Grossmann without remark. Or 52a-2-1: 2 different graves: Grossmann without
remark, Covo with remark "tuerkische Abteilung".

4 Wiener Zentralfriedhof, 4. Tor, also called Neuer Israelitischer Friedhof,
founded 1917, still in use, groups 1 to 22 (24)

5 Floridsdorfer Friedhof, since 1877

Two (typical) nonjewish cemeteries with Jewish burials:
6 Doeblinger Friedhof, Israelitische Abteilung, since about 1870
7 Feuerhalle Simmering (at Vienna crematory), since about 1923

Wolf-Erich Eckstein

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