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Peter Bakos asks: So the next question is, which of these are indexed
in the computerized register? Only the Zentralfriedhof, or the

Peter and newcomers - please go to: German English

Choose the cemetery/Friedhof in the drop-down menu - you will see
very many.

The Doblinger cemetery and Crematorium [Feuerhalle, Simmering], ZF
Gates 1 and others non-Jewish cemeteries in Vienna, Hietzing etc are
on a non-Jewish database [not as flexible for searching] but you may
well find family members there:

Please read this excellent section by Randy Schoenberg:
Beginner's Guide to Austrian-Jewish Genealogy

and go to the cemeteries section.

If you search for some names [eg HOLLANDER with umlaut a], you will
need to use umlauts were necessary. Find, copy and paste one into the
name - that is the easiest method I find. Umlauts can be found dotted
around on the German version! With no umlauts you find no entries;
with umlaut *a* you find about 100. There are many tricks on these

Celia Male [U.K.]

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