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Schelly Talalay Dardashti

I have written privately to Sam Gelfand about joining the
IberianAshkenaz DNA Project at, and suggest that
Bob Kosovsky (hi, Bob!) do the same if he has GELFAND >from Slutsk
to check.

Since the IberianAshkenaz DNA Project's inception, Judy Simon (co-
admin on the project and our scientist) and I have confirmed some
very interesting connections. However, a 37 or 67 marker Y-DNA test
is required for this. 12-marker tests are not sufficient.

Sam's note was personally interesting as our TALALAY are Sephardic
from Mogilev, which is very close to Bobruisk. Many of the Mogilev
families had branches in Bobruisk as well as in Gomel. We know there
were several TALALAY families in Bobruisk as well.

best wishes
Schelly Talalay Dardashti


Subject: GELFAND surname
From: "Sam" <>

I am an Ashkenazi Jew of Sephardic Ancestry with my paternal roots >from
Bobruisk (City) Belarus. >from genetic testing I know with near certainty,
that my 20 + generation past g grandfather lived in Spain at the time of
the inquisition....


Subject: Re: GELFAND surname

I'd say there's a better way to start that will result in documentation:
Do a one-name study (

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