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<< Guido (also may have been spelled Quido) JACHCEL born in Czechoslovakia
(town unknown) on 14 Apr 1904 is listed as a Czech refugee in the UK in
1942. He passed on May 1994 in Rhuddlan, Clwyd, (Walse) UK. Per
database his name appears in the British Phone Books 1880-1984 (I have no
access to that record) >>

==In the 1940s there was a Hachshara (training farm for settlement in
Palestine) in the neighborhood (either Dyserth or At. Asaph) part of the Bachad
Organization of Orthodox Zionist youths, associated with the Mizrachi Party.
The majority of members were refugees >from Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia.

==I know that one couple left the Hachshara and opened an icercream parlor
in Rhuddlan--the only source of kosher icecream for 100 miles around. Guido may
have been one of the icecream merchants, or he may have been registered as
an alien in Rhuddlan, as the administrative government center for the wider

==Perhaps someone can advice where to search the list of members of the
Bachad Hachshara in North Wales. The Sochnut (Jewish Agency) in Jerusalem may be
a starting address if you live in Israel.

Michael Bernet, New York

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