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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Shlomith Toaff of Givataim, Israel writes:<I am researching the EINZIGER family
in Vienna and Galicia. Asking the Wiener Stadt-und Landesarchive what documents
they are able to find, based on names and dates I have >from the
Zentralfriedhof, I received an answer listing document's names that mean
nothing to me.
I'll appreciate any explanation about those documents and what can I
expect to find in them. Here is a copy of the part of the archive's letter
dealing with the documents:

" Im hiesigen Bestand sind die Verlassenschaftsabhandlungen WStLA, BG
Ottakring, 1A 9/1927 (K. EINZIGER), BG Hernals, 1A 384/1925 (J.
EINZIGER), BG Hernals, 1A 182/19 (M. EINZIGER) sowie BG Innere Stadt,
13A 501/1942 (N. Einziger) vorhanden." "(ca. 20 Seiten)">

What the above means is that the WStLA {WienerStadt und Landesarchiv}
[this is referred to as hiesigen Bestand] has the following probate records:
BG = Bezirksgericht [District court] Ottakring and Hernals [these are disticts
of Vienna where the deceased lived] as well as the Innere Stadt [Inner City =
ie Bezirk I] for K, J, M and N EINZIGER respectively, and the reference numbers
of the documents are given.

In these documents you will find listed:
Full name and occupation, religion of the deceased
Place [not always] and date of birth and death
Next of kin [name of wife and/or husband] and their address
Name and ages of adult children inc. their addresses and occupation.
Names and ages of minor age children.
Names of parents, if alive with address
Names of siblings: not always included
Whether a will was filed.
What the estate consists of
Any special bequests/comments etc

These probate records can be ordered and the originals arrive at the order desk
the next day for personal collection; in the case of someone living abroad you
will have to pay for photocopying and postage costs - here the total number of
pages is 20. This may present a cash transfer problem for a small amount.

Alternatively, you can give permisson via an email to the archives for a named
person to pick up the documents, on your behalf, on a certain date. This named
person can then either send you the information or photocopy them and send them
to you. You need a local Viennese volunteer. 20 sides would cost you about 2
Euro to copy. Were I in Vienna now I would offer, but I have just returned.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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