JOWBR Update Schedule #dna

Nolan Altman

If you would like to submit files and or photos for the pre-Conference
JOWBR update, please see the schedule below:

May 15th - June 2 Accepting all files and emails
June 3 - June 19 Black-out period - Please DO NOT send any photos
or files. Emails will not be answered.
June 20 - June 23 Final chance to submit photos and files for
pre-conference update.

JOWBR currently contains over 1.9 million Jewish burial records >from 81
countries. The database grows through the efforts of our donors; Jewish
Genealogical Societies, individuals, historical societies, cemetery
administrators, synagogues and Chevra Kadishas. If you are aware of
cemetery records that are not currently in our database, we would
appreciate if you could help us obtain them and help grow the database.

If you're interested in making a submission, please see "Submitting Data
to JOWBR" at If
you prefer, you can also watch our online screencasts that show you how
JOWBR works and will also walk you through the completion of the standard
templates, at:

If you have any questions, please contact me at NAltman@...
Thank you in advance for your help!

Nolan Altman

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