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Micheline GUTMANN

The name PINCHERLE was found everywhere (everybody knows Gutteln HAMELN
nee PINCHERLE) and it was very frequent in Italy.So, I suggest it was perhaps
related with Hebrew?

In Montparnasse cemetery, Paris, we can find at list one grave with these

GENTILI PINCHERLE Stella b. Venise 21.10.1798/03.04.1875 Paris
PINCHERLE L=E9on b. Venise 17.07.1814/05.03.1882 Paris
CERVETTI Girolamo b. Venise 28.11.1810/30.08.1898 Paris
CERVETTI Emile b. Verone 21.05.1842/25.10.1905 Paris
CERVETTI nee BUCHERE Marie 1849/1930

I have been aware of 3 ketuboth in Italia:
(wife - husband- date-town - province)
Pincherle - Alpron 1753 - Ceneda in com. Vittorio Veneto - TV
Pincherle - Jacur 1839 - Verona -VR
Pincherle - Pincherle 1774 Ceneda in com. Vittorio Veneto - TV

Best regards.

Micheline GUTMANN, Paris, France
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